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08 February 2011 @ 05:33 pm
 Now that I am in peace and I have my U2/Arcade Fire tickets all purchased (thanks to my boyfriend's amazing mother), and now that I am safe and sound at my house from all this treacherous snow, I have decided to go on College Humor and read Roommate Confessions. Seriously. Check 'em out. Same with the little series they always have called "Dating: It's Complicated". It always cracks me up. Some of the stuff I would prefer not to know but most of it is laugh out loud funny.

Here's one from Roommate Confessions that I was just reading. It's disgusting and if I ever had a roommate that sucked as bad as this, I don't know that I would refrain from doing the same things. It sounds like this girl was a rich snob who rubbed it in to other people's noses.

"My best friend had a bad roommate first semester of freshman year that ruined her experience in the dorm and she had to switch buildings. Since I still lived in the old one, when I passed the girl's room, I'd write stupid shit on sharpie in their dry-erase board outside the door. But my friend's new roommate was even worse. So she and I crushed Pez up and put it in her tanning oil, squeezed Purell into her $20 shampoos, stuck gum on the underside of her ugly-ass shoes, spat in her lotions, and got our boys to jizz in the girl's face cream. The girl would always be on the phone with her dumbass sorositute friends about how none of her expensive stuff worked. So she bought even more pricey stuff, and we did it again, and when she asked how our hair was so shiny and soft, we told her we used Suave. She wouldn't try it though, because it was "for poor people." Suck it, bitch."

Crazay in my nayzayyy!!

Anyways, I'm going to continue wasting time and maybe I'll get around to homework like I really should.
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08 February 2011 @ 10:34 am
 I am in class, researching Scotland and trying to get ideas on designing an identity package for the Greater Moncton Scottish Association. They don't have a logo, business card, or anything, so us students have to get that sorted out for them. It's harder than you would think.

And also at this time, U2/Arcade Fire tickets just went on sale and now I am friggin around with Ticketmaster, trying to get me some tickets. Jonah's mommy said she would buy them for us as our birthday presents :) and I am very very thankful. I almost flipped out this morning because I realized I didn't have enough money in my bank account for them. I hadn't checked the mail for his mom's cheque either. Luckily my mommy gave me her credit card number and told me to use hers for the time being. Thanks mom.

It is snowing quite profusely and yet school is still running. I don't really get it. I was late for school because the roads were already getting bad. I can only imagine what the roads will be like once I leave school. Le siiighhhhh.

Well my mom doesn't have a security code for her credit card so I can't buy tickets. GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. This is so frustrating. I'll try again tonight after school. This is getting ridiculous how much I want these tickets, but Arcade Fire is amazing and I just need to see them. Sigh.
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21 January 2011 @ 09:00 am
 So I had two dreams last night.
The first one, I still don't know exactly what happened but I woke up sobbing. This is the second time this week.

The second one, me and like 4 or 5 other people who I've never seen in my entire life but they were my friends in this dream, we met this homeless guy and we just continually were followed by him all around New York City, until he lead us into the most ghetto part.. I'm going to guess the Bronx or Harlem? I have no idea. But anyway the whole time it was like, one minute we were trying to talk to him and understand why he was tagging along with us, and the next minute we were trying to kill him or he was trying to kill us.
We tried FOREVER to kill him because he kept threatening us. Then we got led to this convenience store/garage thing where these gangsters were hanging around out back and somebody chopped his head off.. I feel like it was me, since I usually do the most "heroic" things in my dreams? :S 
So anyway, we all took off running and spent the night in a homeless kid's shelter because nobody was calling us a cab and we didn't know how to get back to where we were staying.

That is all.

In other news, I am going to Freddytown this weekend and I am mucho excited for it. I love seeing my boyfriend and all of my friends. The only thing is this snow storm. I hope the snow doesn't start coming down before I leave, which is at noon. They cancelled school so I can really just leave whatever time I want to. But I'm driving two people. I'm almost positive they won't be able to come anymore.. poopy. oh well.

Love love!
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20 January 2011 @ 10:45 am
Is there a person in your life who always has a hug and makes you feel better when they're around? Who is it – and what do you love about them?

Oh my... How can I say just one person? Okay, so, my boyfriend, for obvious reasons! His hugs just make me happy. I usually have moments of crappiness during my week, so when I get to see him on a weekend, the greeting hug is wonderful. I don't know if I've ever been hugged so tightly by anybody before. lol.

Susanna! She also hugs me really tightly, mostly because we don't see each other much. We always always always give each other a hug when we see each other, and before we part. It's just how we do. Hugs from best friends carry you through life. Legit.

All my friends give really great hugs, but those are the ones who stand out. :)
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13 January 2011 @ 01:06 pm
 I forgot to blog about these retarded dreams I've been having. They're not so much retarded as they are awesome, but I digress.

1. Last night, I dreamed that me and some family members (really random ones, like I can't even remember which ones they were) decided we were to fly to France. I woke up before we ever got to France, but ever airport we arrived at was big and beautiful and it felt like Inception whereI  design my own dreams, so the architecture was incredible. Lots of huge glass windows/walls and subtle sun-light shining in. The last portion of my dream, the airport turned into a dance club/bar and we were all rocking out. One of the people I was with got in a bit of trouble, wandering somewhere he wasn't supposed to, and one of the bartender/prostitute-looking girls took him around the back of the room and pulled a gun on him. It was so weird. I was screaming at her to hold her fire and she did, and just walked away. Then the next day the airport we arrived at was surrounded by a huge weed field, and one of the people I was with was mentally handicapped. A woman was in my dream and I knew her as my Nanny, although I've never seen her in my life, but anyway, this woman decided that she didn't like showing people that this man we were with (I want to say he was my brother in my dream, but I've never seen him before either) was mentally retarded. She took off his mentally retarded clothing (don't ask me what that was -- maybe a harness?) and let him run around. He immediately went to the weed field and got "arrested" by these gangsters. It was their field. I ran into the field after them. They threw us both in a car that drove around the field while I tried to negotiate with them. They let us go. The next day we were at a suave looking airport with lots of leather cushions -- it looked a lot like a library -- and I ran into this guy I used to know quite well, but I haven't really been friends with him for awhile. He asked if I had a place in my family's hotel room where he could sleep, because he was going to France as well, but he had nowhere to sleep until our flight later on.

I woke up.

2. Two nights ago, I had a dream that I worked for Lord Voldemort, doing some of his dirty work. I looked like Kate Beckinsale did when she was in the Underworld movies, but with my face, of course. I was pretty kickass. It seemed more like Lord Voldemort was reporting to me instead of me reporting to him. Throughout the entire dream, I knew that I was going to turn on him and kick his "empire" to the ground. Near the end of the dream, I did just that. I can't remember exact details, but I was awesome. Then I woke up.

3. A few nights ago, I had a dream that Moncton High School was not actually empty, like everybody though -- there were still staff living inside of it. The thing is that they were all zombies. I decided to get inside the school and investigate. There were many other of my fellow students that had the same idea as me, but a lot of them had been captured by the zombie teachers and turned into zombies themselves. The girl's bathroom in the basement, though, had turned into a hide-out for the students that had escaped and were looking for a way to get out of the school without being seen/captured. There were a lot of random people in there, and I  joined them and helped devise a plan to get out. It worked, and then I caught word of the zombie teachers taking their captured students out and massacre them. Jonah and I hopped in my car and raced to a highway, where the captive students were in chains and being led out to a certain spot on the highway. I jumped out of my car like an action star and ran towards them, but I was too far away, and the zombie staff blew them up with some sort of bomb. Lots of explosions.

Those are my dreams. I hope you agree with me in saying, WTF.
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What's the worst dry skin you ever had and how did you get it? What made it better?

I get from the winter time. It sucks. I have to use this "Kiss My Face" stuff that my best friend gave me last year. It smells like flowers.
13 January 2011 @ 12:37 pm
 I used to hate people who posted pictures like this, but I was surfing LookBook today and found a girl whose style I love. I clicked on her Tumblr and I've just been stalking her for about 2 hours. She's really crazy awesome and some picture she reblogs are sad yet lovely. I've felt the same way many times but never wanted to post a picture on Facebook about it.

When you're feeling emo, Facebook just isn't the place to post stuff like that. People judge you. I'd rather post it on here (or my Tumblr which has been lying dormant for like a year) and just let myself be. It feels better to get it all out anyway.

And all I loved, I loved alone.

I've definitely felt this before. Lately it seems like I get into certain things, certain music or words or a style or an idea, and nobody can just be okay with it. Why can't they just be okay with it? I'm loving things with nobody to share it with. That's what this quote says to me.

Sooo... this has never happened to me until last year, when I wasn't too scared, but I got in too deep? :(

Been there, felt that.

I haven't felt so much like this until  this past year. I don't know what it is. Maybe this just comes with growing up and learning about yourself, and learning about how stupid people can be when they find out something about you that they don't agree with.

I think us ladies like reminders like these.. it's empowering and reminds me of what's important.. :)

And finally, a mood booster! Oh yes. For days when I feel like everybody looks down on me because of unusual things that I like, or post about, or talk about.. Here you go. Take that. (I'm not a huge fan of the poor punctuation, though.)
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03 January 2011 @ 11:09 pm
 This is so awful!!! I am the worst person when it comes to waiting to leave for the airport. I've done it once before and I ended up being late for my boyfriend's arrival. (This was last summer after he came back from Winnipeg.) I didn't get to see him come off the plane!! Annoying!!

Now I am planning on getting there about 20 minutes early. I don't want to pay a huge parking bill, so I have to remind myself to leave around 11:20 or so. I thought it was going to hard waiting until the flight got in at 11:30; nope, now it's delayed until 11:53! Which more or less means midnight! Gahh I am terrible at waiting! 

I have just missed the Bear so much and I can't wait to get food with him after. I was thinking about that today, and I decided that eating out or just going and getting food with him is one of my favorite things to do with him. I love going to restaurants a lot with him. But I also enjoy just a simple take-out meal as well. I don't know why it's so different and enjoyable, but it is! So that's what we're going when he gets off the plane. He's been travelling for 10 hours straight and he has only eaten a cookie and half a bag of chips. What a silly man. He's gonna be starving.

My mom keeps asking how he's getting back to Freddy tomorrow. I start classes tomorrow, but Jonah and I were thinking about going into Monkeytown so I can go to school and he can hang out at the mall/around Moncton, until 3pm when my classes end, and I could drive him up to Freddy. I was thinking about staying the night, and I think I will, but I have decided not to miss all day Wednesday of classes and leave in time for the second half of my school day. My conscience will feel much better if we do it that way. 

My mom will throw a fit if we do it any other way but taking the bus. She doesn't want me using up gas and she doesn't want me spending the night and she doesn't want me missing school. She sometimes tells me what I'm allowed and not allowed to do. I wonder if she realizes that I'm an adult and I'm too used to being out on my own. She told me when I moved in again that I would have no rules except for to pick up after myself and that I needed to let her know if I was coming home that night or staying out somewhere. That's simple enough right? I figured she wouldn't take long to need to know all about my daily life. I was right. Oh well, she's my mom, and however aggravating she is, I still love her. She can get mad at me all she wants to going to Freddy and missing half a day of school, but it's better than 2 full days like I was planning, right?

I cannot wait to book it to the airport. I have resorted to blogging to keep myself sane. I always get this way when I'm about to go get somebody at the airport; I have no idea why. I think about it all day and then I end up going there wayyyy too early and generating a big ole parking bill. Sigh.

Well it is 11:08 pm and I have waited long enough! Time to splurge and head out to the airport a bit early! I can't wait to see my boy!!

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03 January 2011 @ 01:01 am
 I would like to write something.. anything... but I can't think of anything specific.

Tonight I feel like I let my family down big-time. My mom loves me a lot and I don't give her enough credit for that. She is really worried about me. Sometimes I'm worried about myself just as much. I could never let her know that though. I feel terrible for letting my sister down. I know she looked up to me and thought I was this awesome person. I never wanted her to know that I'm actually a twisted hypocrite.

I am thankful for my boyfriend who called me and listened to me sob for about an hour and a half and talk about all these problems of mine.. not once did he make me feel bad for stealing him from his family for so long. He offered advice because he knew I needed it. I can't thank him enough. His mom, his lovely, awesome mom, even talked to me on the phone for a little bit. She is great. They are both great people. 

I love him so much. His intentions are good.
12 December 2010 @ 04:25 pm
 Dear Santa.

For Christmas I demand bail and freedom from any further prosecution.

Should I not be released within 24 hours, my supporters will release 250,000 of the documents that you, Santa, have received from children around the world. Many of these -- offers of behaviour modification in exchange for "gifts" -- smack of influence-peddling. We also have evidence of illegal entry and theft of food from homes, plus the exploitation of undocumented aliens -- elves -- in your North Pole manufacturing facility (I envision a TV show: Little People, Big Abuse).

As for your personal indiscretions, we are also in possession of photos of you kissing a married woman underneath the mistletoe last night.

Julian Assange


Read more: http://www.timescolonist.com/life/Jack+Knox+amazing+what+some+people+Santa/3965373/story.html#ixzz17vn00TVe
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